center of excellence 


The Center of Excellence program has been introduced by MSOS to filter & differentiate players that are 100% dedicated to becoming the ELITE

The long term aim of our program is to feed players the knowledge they need to perform at the highest level. 


We are targeting players that are goal oriented and want a future within the game. 

MSOS Master Plan is to produce players that are equipped & prepared to hit the highest levels of the sport:



  • U.S National Team

  • Professional Level

  • Collegiate Level


Players Characteristics: Dedication, Application, Desire, Willingness to push beyond the average player. 


What to expect from the program from Minute 1:



  • Clear ability splits

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Dedication to producing well rounded human beings

  • Disciplined, Challenging & Professional environment 

  • Enjoyable learning atmosphere 

  • UEFA Standard coaching

  • Highly competitive


Age groups:

2011 - 2013 Birth years, currently in session (To register for initial assessment contact Director)

2008 - 2010 Birth years, currently in session (To register for initial assessment contact Director) 

2005 - 2007 Birth years, currently in session (To register for initial assessment contact Director) 




Players that represent the ELITE program have been selected for their attributes on the field and there mental capacity to take on ELITE level instruction and opponents in order to break the barrier of performance



Players that represent the Premier program are striving to become Elite by gaining the knowledge, technique and mental volume to become a better individual. 

Sign up for March 2019 Player Selection dates below. 



"All about Goals, Thinking Outside the Box"

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