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APRIL 2021


The time has finally come. We are taking Manchester School of Soccer back to where it all began, Manchester, England. Players will be given the opportunity to test their skills against some of England's best youth players. 


During the Road To Pro Camp 2020, our coaches will be analyzing every player with the goal of selecting high level players who suit our style of play. These players will then get the chance to play in front of Premier League scouts from professional clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City & Liverpool to name a few.


Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social are the five elements of a professional soccer players DNA and will be the the main focus point of our coaches. 


On completion of the Road to Pro camp, each coach will share his evaluation on players, focusing on the five elements. Notes and video footage will be analyzed and will help our team assemble a group of players that best suit our style of play. These players will then make up the squads that will then be taken to England to represent Manchester School of Soccer.


·  Play in front of Premier league scouts

·  Play in the UK’s most Elite Tournament

·  Watch a Premier league game

·  Old Trafford Stadium tour

·  National football museum

·  Professional training schedule

·  Day trips & excursions


APRIL 2021

Step 1

Sign up for our Road To Pro Camp

STep 2

Impress our coaches at our Road To Pro Camp

STep 3

Receive an invitation from MSOS

Step 4

Follow sign up instructions and get ready for our UK Trip.


Step 1.

We first ask all players interested in our UK Tour, to enroll on our Road to Pro camp, 2020. During sign up, players will be asked to fill in player profiles. The form will include questions such as:

  • What is your current playing level?

  • What are your goals?

  • What is your Current position?

All player profiles will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified within 24 hours if we feel like your aspirations in soccer are not adequate. All players must show that they have the professional mindset that is the key to a successful career in soccer.

Step 2.

Players will then be analyzed and assessed over the two week period. Our team of coaches will focus on the four main elements that make up a professional soccer players DNA.

  • Players Technical ability will be closely monitored to ensure they can perform at an ELITE level.

  • Physical aspects of the game will be analysed to see if players fitness and conditioning levels are of the level of a high performance athlete.

  • Psychological performance will be pushed to determine if they have the mentality to play at the highest level.

  • The social element of a elite player is very important as players must show leadership and communication skills, which help with teamwork on and off the field.

Step 3.

After the Road To Pro Camp finishes MSOS coaches will evaluate players. Video footage will also be analyzed to get a good understanding of how each player plays and to see if they suit Manchester School of Soccer style of play.

Successful players will then be sent an invitation to join the UK tour. Information regarding the trip will also be sent out to parents. Sign up instructions and and preparation for the trip will start.

Step 4.

Players should now be training in preparation for the trip. We will send short player evaluations which will include parts of each players game you should be focusing on. We will have a variety of preparation sessions for players local to Manchester School of Soccer locations.  We will send relevant information out and how to sign up for them. If players are from out of the country or other states where Manchester School of Soccer do not service we will expect you to be practicing in preparation.

All tactical information will be sent to you before the trip starts.