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At Manchester School of Soccer, we are big believers in the quality of coaching that young players receive. We have very high standards for our players and we expect them to represent MSOS in the best possible way, on and off the field. Our goal is to create an ethos and mentality that our coaches, players and parents, can all follow. In pursuit of this goal, we offer youth soccer camps to provide additional opportunities for skill development and character building.

MSOS coaches have an extensive history in the game and have considerable experience coaching at the highest level. We are proud to be able to offer high level coaching whilst also teaching players about the culture of English football. Our coaches have all been trained by ex-professional soccer players while obtaining their coaching licenses in England. We require all of our coaches to have obtained their FA level 2 coaching license (or equivalent) as a minimum, with our most experienced coaches being awarded the UEFA A and B licenses.


Our core belief as an organization stems from England. The English Football Association (FA) is the oldest Football Association in the world which was formed in 1863. Our drills, philosophy and culture are based around the FA four corner model. All young players in England at professional clubs all follow this model which has a proven record of creating professional soccer players. The likes of which Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling progressed through. 



Every single MSOS team that goes onto the field should be easily identifiable by their playing style. We encourage our teams to play exciting, expansive and attacking Soccer. In possession we want our team to be high and wide in order to make the field as big as possible. This gives our players a lot of space to express themselves which provides them with the best opportunity for them to succeed. Out of possession we want our teams to be narrow and compact to limit the amount of space for the opposition. In transition we want our players to be aggressive and competitive but also display great sportsmanship.

At MSOS, we are looking to develop the players of tomorrow, today. Our goal is to get a player into the United States Mens/Womens national team by the year 2029. In order to achieve this, we are aiming to create and nurture young talent and guide them through our pathway. We want our players to represent us and themselves in the correct manner, on and off the field.



We create an environment in which our players feel comfortable but, also tested. This is the responsibility of the coaches however, we think our parents are equally as important in making our players feel supported. We are very honest with both our players and parents; as we feel working together will give our players the best possible chance to fulfil potential.

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