Center of Excellence 


The Center Of Excellence program has been introduced by MSOS to create players that are 100% dedicated to becoming the ELITE. The long term aim of our program is to feed players the knowledge they need to perform at the highest level. 


Dedication, Application, Desire & a Willingness to push beyond the average player. 



  • Clear ability splits

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Dedication to producing well rounded human beings

  • Disciplined, Challenging & Professional environment

  • Enjoyable learning atmosphere

  • UEFA Standard coaching

  • Highly competitive


We are targeting players that are goal oriented and want a future within the game. We want to equip players with the skills and ability to reach:

  • High School Level

  • Collegiate Level



  • Professional Level 

  • International Level

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Take a look at our player pathway to see how Manchester School of Soccer can help you reach your goals.

Birth Years in Session

League Information

All Groups are CO-ED

Age Groups:

2012 -2014 Birth Years

2009 - 2011 Birth Years

2005 - 2008 Birth Years

Manchester School of Soccer's Center of Excellence will compete in a Spring and Fall League based in San Antonio, Texas.

Each season will be 7 games long with a additional Quarter, Semi and Final.


Will we have breaks throughout the year? 

The program runs 12 months of the year including Summer. We will exclude certain days for holidays. Holidays will be confirmed by your local director.

If not selected for a group will there be a chance to break into the groups after the player selection days? 

Players will have the opportunity to join COE groups all year round if they narrowly miss out during the selection days. We recommend that players join our Private Lesson Program to help them focus on areas of their game that we think they can improve. With this extra training players can progress at very fast rate which will help improve performance. 

Is this a club? 

NO! We bring groups of striving players from an array of club teams from multiple cities together and provide them with a platform to develop and showcase their talent. We are here to help the future of U.S Soccer.

How do we order uniform?

The uniform is only available when you are selected the Program. Information on how to order the uniform will be sent privately to you via email. The program have the prestigious colors of BLACK & WHITE with additional orange match shirt. Players that are not a member of the Center of Excellence program will not be able to purchase the same uniforms. 

How do we set up payment?

Payment is set up using our Auto Draft option. The information for the payment system will be sent in the invitation pack when selected for the program.



We offer every a FREE 30 minute assessment in the form of a private lesson to players that have the desire to join the program. We provide the assessment all year around FREE of charge. After the assessment, if we feel the player has the ability to join the Center Of Excellence, we will send out details on how to sign up for the program, via email.

Cost Per calendar month after a successful assessment

(All Age Groups) - $70.00 per calendar month

League Fee's vary upon how many registered players we enroll.


COE Program

Player Selection Process

We are always looking for players that are striving to become elite by gaining the knowledge, technique and mental volume to become a better player. Players must attend our tryout days or initial assessments in order to join. 

Players that represent our COE program have been selected for their attributes on the field and their mental capacity to take on Elite level instruction. 


Center of Excellence locations