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Manchester is a CITY I UNITED. Whether you're a Red or a Blue, we all share one thing in common: a love for the beautiful game. Our streets have witnessed some of the best young talents go on to play for the biggest clubs in the world. I take great pride in flying the flag of our great city here in America. My mission is to provide the best American players with similar opportunities.

- Reece Kelly, MSOS Founder

Manchester School of Soccer has deep roots in the UK. In 2009, Reece Kelly, Director of MSOS, established Coach Right UK, our sister company. Since then, Coach Right has been instrumental in developing youth players for Premier League and Football League clubs, setting a high standard in elite-level coaching with its innovative approach.

Our youth soccer camps offer young athletes an immersive experience aimed at fostering skill development and understanding within a supportive environment.

In late 2016, Manchester School of Soccer was founded to replicate this successful formula in the United States. Our goal is to provide aspiring US soccer players, through our youth soccer camps, access to the same level of coaching available in the UK. Since its inception, MSOS has been dedicated to influencing American soccer culture by developing players to elite levels and instilling the mindset necessary for future professional athletes.

We are committed to giving players in the US the opportunity to travel to the UK and showcase their talent in front of scouts from Premier League and Football League clubs. We are excited to witness the growth of elite-level players with Manchester School of Soccer in the United States. Our commitment to youth development extends beyond regular training sessions, with specialized youth soccer camps designed to enhance technical abilities and tactical awareness.

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#ManchesterTogether: then, now and forever. @ManUtd
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