OUR Story

How it all began 

What once was just a thought way back in 2016 has now turned into one of the fastest growing soccer organisations in the country. It started with a simple idea which led to the meeting of two like minded people with one goal in mind. "Let's make America great again" Just playing, Let's make America great at soccer! New Braunfels, Texas was the setting for the story which led to hopefully one day, the shaping of an extremely important factor in the US soccer's global growth. 

The next step



It started with a gentleman that has seen the growth of soccer over the years with all his kids playing at an Elite level in Texas and the lack of high quality and consistent coaching here in the states. He searched high and far to find the right coach to progress his kids to the heights of the game he felt they had the potential to reach. He looked all over the states and could not find the right guy. He had an idea. Why don't I send my kids abroad to get what they need? 

The Location


His search began. Without hesitation his first thought was the home of Football and no, not American football

The home of real football, Yes that's right across the pond to England. He looked, looked & looked some more for that special coach around the country. He scoured the island for a coach that had attributes that fitted the mold of a coach that would take the kids to the highest level of the game. With research he found a City that was a little special. A city with culture and renowned for hard working but ambitious people. A CITY UNITED through their football clubs. A city with a world famous club that progresses the average into world famous known throughout the globe.


That's right he found MANCHESTER. So he found the City now the search is on for the right person! He looked and looked to find the right person with a strong mentality with a proven track record of progressing athletes in the sport over a sustained period of time. He found many coaches with strong ability but there was something missing. He needed a coach that had more than that. He asked all over the City and he was just about to give up before he stumbled upon an organisation he had heard a lot about throughout his time there named "Coach Right UK"

Coach Right UK


Coach Right was established in 2009 and operated out of a HUGE Indoor arena in the heart of the bustling city of Manchester. He went to watch sessions that was going on the day and could not help but be impressed with the high standards set by all coaches involved not just on but off the pitch. The standard in which the players & coaches performed he had never witnessed anywhere in America. He realized all along what was missing from all the other coaches and organisations across the country.... Two P's, Positivity & Professionalism.

The Coach

He was excited... He found Director immediately and to his surprise it was the coach that he had just been watching in one of the sessions that evening. The two spoke for hours on end across a couple of days and found both men had a lot of common interests. They both come to the conclusion that  it would be fantastic if it could be available to all players across the USA.


Two months later in September 2016, Manchester School Of Soccer was formed.